This is our comparison between Finotive Funding and FundedNext, which includes all the salient characteristics of each company. We will look into the companies themselves as well as the one-step evaluations that each offer to traders all over the world.

Company Details


Company DetailsFinotive FundingFundedNext
Incorporation dateApril 2021March 2022
CEOOliver NewlandAbdullah Jayed
Office LocationBudapest, HungaryUnited Arab Emirates & Bangladesh
Scaling Plan✅✅


Finotive Funding and FundedNext are two proprietary trading organizations that are well-established and reliable.In April 2021, Finotive Funding was incorporated under the leadership of Oliver Newland, the CEO. Their Budapest, Hungary, offices are situated there.In contrast, FundedNext was incorporated in March 2022 and is run by Abdullah Jayed, the CEO. Their offices are also situated in Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates.


Funding Program Options


Funding Program OptionsFinotive FundingFundedNext
One-step Evaluation✅✅
Two-step Evaluation✅✅
Instant Funding✅❌


Finotive Funding gives its traders the option to select from six funding programs, two two-step assessments, two one-step evaluations, and two rapid funding programs in order to obtain funding.In contrast, FundedNext gives its traders the option to select from six funding programs, comprising three two-step and three one-step evaluation processes, in order to obtain funding.


One-step Comparison


Trading Rules/ObjectivesPro One-Step ChallengeOne-Step ChallengeOne-Step StellarExpress – ConsistencyExpress – Non-Consistency
Profit Target10%10%10%25%25%
Maximum Daily Loss4%4%3%5%5%
Maximum Loss7.5%7.5%6%10%10%
Minimum Trading DaysNo Minimum Trading DaysNo Minimum Trading Days2 Calendar Days10 Calendar Days10 Calendar Days
Maximum Trading PeriodUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Leverage1:100 up to 1:4001:100 up to 1:4001:1001:1001:100
Profit Split75% up to 100% + Monthly Salary75% up to 95%80% up to 95%60% up to 95%60% up to 95%


Let’s examine the account sizes and expenses of these one-step evaluations after discussing the trading objectives of each company’s one-step evaluations.


Account SizePro One-Step ChallengeOne-Step ChallengeOne-Step StellarExpress – ConsistencyExpress – Non-Consistency


Brokers & Trading Platforms


After discussing the trading goals, account sizes, and expenses related to FundedNext and Finotive Funding, it’s time to look at the brokers and trading platforms that work with each proprietary trading company.


 Finotive FundingFundedNext
BrokerFinotive MarketsFundedNext Server
Trading PlatformMetaTrader 5MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader


Trading Instruments


Trading instruments are a crucial component to compare amongst proprietary trading organizations. You may find out which sorts of trading instruments can be traded with FundedNext and which with Finotive Funding by referring to the spreadsheet below.


Trading InstrumentFinotive FundingFundedNext
Forex Pairs✅✅


Community Feedback


We will conclude by discussing the community’s thoughts on FundedNext and Finotive Funding. The data was obtained from each of the listed companies’ Trustpilot website.


Trustpilot StatisticsFinotive FundingFundedNext
Number of Reviews41513,475
5-Star Ratings76%85%


Finotive Funding receives an excellent 4.2/5 rating. This is one of 415 reviews overall, with 76% of them receiving a 5-star rating.In contrast, FundedNext gets a stellar rating of 4.6/5. But this is only one review out of 13,475 total, with 85% of them receiving a 5-star rating.




In conclusion, there are two excellent options for proprietary trading firms: FundedNext and Finotive Funding. It is evident that the compared proprietary trading firms differ greatly in terms of trading goals, account sizes, expenses, and community opinions. Furthermore, there exists a significant disparity in the funding plans provided by the various companies.Whereas FundedNext offers three two-step and three one-step evaluations, Finotive Funding offers two two-step, two one-step, and two rapid funding programs.


This brings an end to our comparison of FundedNext and Finotive Funding. If you were interested in any of the compared proprietary trading firms, you can get an evaluation at a lower cost by using the special discount code we have supplied!


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