FTUK is here to provide in-depth information regarding the increased payout levels and regulations of Payout Locker’s new system. These guidelines will apply to all recently acquired and passed accounts as of June 1.

FTUK created these guidelines with the intention of giving traders greater flexibility by giving them a variable buffer for the limit of loss and its pressure tolerance, rather than a predetermined figure, in recognition of the difficulties that come with a string of losing transactions.

Additionally, the default drawdown limit for accounts subject to these regulations is now 8% rather than 6% for all levels up until the first withdrawal request. Furthermore, traders will have the liberty to utilize their prior stage winnings as stop loss and buffers for subsequent levels, so establishing a more secure environment in which they can work for an extended period of time.

FTUK Updated Payout Levels & Rules: What’s New?

A trader must record at least ten trading days for the initial withdrawal request at each level in order to be eligible for payments. Once the trader makes their first withdrawal request, the drawdown will remain frozen at the account’s starting level until they reach the 10% threshold and make as many withdrawals as they like.

For added clarity, FTUK has produced a video and extensive examples of these regulations on its website. When interacting with any prop company, it is imperative that you fully comprehend and abide by these guidelines.

Hence, FTUK seeks to address the difficulties traders encounter while handling losing trades with its revised payout amounts and regulations. By giving traders greater freedom and a configurable cushion for the maximum loss and drawdown, the new regulations make the market a safer place to operate. When working with any prop company, traders should make sure they fully comprehend and abide by these regulations.

About the Firm

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