Here is our comparison of Funding Pips and FundedNext, covering all the important features of each business. We will investigate both the businesses themselves and the two-step assessments that each provide to traders worldwide.

Company Details

Company DetailsFunding PipsFundedNext
Incorporation DateAugust 2022March 2022
CEOKhaled AyeshAbdullah Jayed
Office LocationDubai, United Arab EmiratesDubai, United Arab Emirates
Scaling Plan✅✅

Funding Pips and FundedNext are two reputable and trustworthy proprietary trading firms. Funding Pips was incorporated in August 2022 while being managed by their CEO, Khaled Ayesh. They have their offices located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. FundedNext, on the other hand, was incorporated in March 2022 while being managed by its CEO, Abdullah Jayed. Additionally, their offices are also located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Funding Program Options

Funding Program OptionsFunding PipsFundedNext
One-step Evaluation❌✅
Two-step Evaluation✅✅
Three-step Evaluation✅❌

Funding Pips provides their traders with an opportunity to choose between three funding programs to acquire funding, a two-step evaluation, a one-step evaluation, and a three-step evaluation. FundedNext, on the other hand, allows its traders to choose between six funding programs to acquire funding, three two-step evaluations and three one-step evaluations.

Two-step Comparison

Trading ObjectivesEvaluationTwo-Step StellarStellar LiteEvaluation Model

Profit Target   (Phase 1)

Profit Target  (Phase 2)5%5%4%5%
Maximum Daily Loss5% (Scaleable up to 7%)5%4%5%
Maximum Loss10% (Scaleable up to 14%)10%8%10%
Minimum Trading DaysNo Minimum Trading Days5 Calendar Days5 Calendar Days5 Calendar Days
Maximum Trading PeriodPhase 1: Unlimited
Phase 2: Unlimited
Phase 1: Unlimited
Phase 2: Unlimited
Phase 1: Unlimited
Phase 2: Unlimited
Phase 1: 4 Weeks
Phase 2: 8 Weeks
Profit Split80% up to 90%80% up to 95%80% up to 95%80% up to 95%

After covering the trading objectives of each company’s two-step evaluations, let’s take a look at the account sizes and costs of these two-step evaluations.

Account SizeEvaluationTwo-Step StellarStellar LiteEvaluation Model

Brokers & Trading Platforms

After discussing the account sizes, fees, and trading goals for Funding Pips and FundedNext, it’s time to look at the brokers and trading platforms that work with each proprietary trading company.

 Funding PipsFundedNext
BrokerTier-1 Liquidity Provider with Best Simulated Real Market Trading ConditionsFundedNext Server
Trading PlatformMatch-Trader, cTrader, TradeLockerMetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader

Trading Instruments

Another important aspect to compare between proprietary trading firms is trading instruments. In the spreadsheet below, you will be able to learn which trading instrument types can be traded with Funding Pips and which with FundedNext.

Trading InstrumentFunding PipsFundedNext
Forex Pairs✅✅

Community Feedback

The last topic we will cover is community feedback from Funding Pips and FundedNext. The statistics are taken from the Trustpilot page of each of the mentioned companies.

Trustpilot StatisticsFunding PipsFundedNext
Number of Reviews7,07313,565
5-Star Ratings84%85%

Funding Pips has an excellent rating of 4.6/5. This is out of a total of 7,073 reviews, where 84% of them are rated as 5 stars. FundedNext, on the other hand, also has an excellent rating of 4.6/5. However, this is out of a total of 13,565 reviews, where 85% of them are rated as 5 stars.


In conclusion, there are two fantastic options for proprietary trading firms: Funding Pips and FundedNext. It is evident that the compared proprietary trading firms differ greatly in terms of trading goals, account sizes, expenses, and community opinions. Furthermore, there exists a significant disparity in the funding plans provided by the various companies.FundedNext has three two-step evaluations and three one-step evaluations, compared to three one-step evaluations and one two-step evaluation for Funding Pips.

Our comparison of Funding Pips and FundedNext is now complete. If you were interested in any of the compared proprietary trading firms, you can get an evaluation at a lower cost by using the special discount code we have supplied!

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