With proprietary trading organizations, traders can operate with larger sums of money without having to put their own money at risk. The following categories of financial schemes are offered by them:

  • 1-phase evaluation (a one-phase task that, upon successful completion, grants funding for an account)
  • 2-phase evaluation (a two-part task that, upon successful completion, grants funding for an account)
  • 3-phase evaluation (three-phase challenge; a funded account is awarded upon successful completion)
  • Direct funding is the availability of funds without any obstacles to test your trading
  • Assessment management (professionals can obtain funding through an interview and by showcasing their resumes to the company)

The following spreadsheet shows the funding procedures that proprietary trading firms provide:

Proprietary Trading FirmOne-Phase EvaluationTwo-Phase EvaluationThree-Phase EvaluationDirect Funding
E8 Markets✅✅✅❌
Alpha Capital Group❌✅❌❌
Audacity Capital❌✅❌❌
Axe Trader✅✅❌✅
Blue Guardian✅✅✅❌
City Traders Imperium✅✅❌✅
Crypto Fund Trader✅✅❌❌
Direct Funded Trader✅✅❌❌
Finotive Funding✅✅❌✅
Forex Capital Funds❌✅❌❌
Funded Trading Plus✅✅❌✅
Funding Pips✅✅✅❌
Glow Node✅✅❌✅
Goat Funded Trader✅✅❌❌
Lux Trading Firm✅✅❌❌
Ment Funding✅❌❌❌
Smart Prop Trader❌✅❌❌
The Funded Trader✅✅✅❌
The Trading Pit✅❌❌❌
Top One Trader✅✅❌❌
TopTier Trader❌✅❌❌

You can check complete reviews for the proprietary trading firms listed above by clicking here.

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