Blue Guardian Reviews (5% discount code: popaa)

Blue Guardian( Discount code: POPAA)

Blue Guardian Reviews(5% discount code: POPAA)
Blue Guardian is a proprietary trading firm aiming at boosting traders carreers with super simple and very easy trading conditions for traders.They aim at helping the retail trading sector by providing enough capital deeded by traders,to grow to the next level.


News trading allowed

Account sizes up to 200 000$

leverage upto 1:100

First payout after 14 days

Scaling account option available

85% profit split

3 unique programs

Guardian protector tool

Overnight and weekend holding allowed

No minimum and maximum trading days

Large variety of trading instruments available (Forex pairs,crypto pairs,commodities and indices available)

No commision fees


Daily drawdownm is Equity-based

Rapid guardian has trailing drawdown

Blue guardian is a proprietary trading firm launched in june 2019 with the aim of empowering traders with capital  and improving traders trading conditions.They make capital available with accounts sizes upto $200,000,allowing traders to trade a variety of instruments with profit splits upto 85% for traders.

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At Blue guardian Traders are expected to focus on consistency with an edge and robust-riskmanagement .In return traders will have the opportunity to get funded on bigger capitals with accounts upyto $200,000 with upto 85% profit splits.Trading options or instrumens are diverse, including commodities,indices,forex and cryptocurrencies.

Blue guardian funding programs
Blue guardian offers three(03) types of funding programs

Unlimited Guardian

Elite Guardian

Rapid Guardian

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The Unlimited guardian plan is a designed funding program to identify traders who are able to be consistent in their trading.This progam has a leverage of 1:100.

phase 1:

A profit target of 8% is to be performed during the phase 1,Respecting a daily loss limit of 4% and 8% overall loss limit.This program has no maximum trading days to achieve profit targets.

Phase 2:

During the phase 2 of the evaluation, a profit target of 4% with still 4% daily loss limit and 8% overall limit in no time limit.

Funded: At funded stage traders are entitled a profit splits of 85% on all profits generated at this stage with initial payouts 14 days after placing first trade on funded account.

Unlimited guardian scaling plan
After achieving a 12% profit performance over 3 months, with a minimum of 2 profitable months,the funded account size will increase by 30% it initial balance.
For example: A trader with a 100,000$ account will see his account grow to 130,000$ then to 160,000$ and so on.

Elite Guardian Funding program

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The Elite Guardian program gives users the chance to handle accounts from $10,000 to $200,000 in size. The goal is to find skilled traders who can make money and handle risk well during the two-step evaluation time. You can trade with up to 1:50 leverage with the Elite Guardian.

In the first part of evaluation, traders must hit a profit goal of 10% while not going over their 4% daily loss or 10% maximum loss rules. It’s important to know that during phase one, you have unlimited days to complete profit target. To move on to phase two, all you have to do is make the 10% profit goal without going over the daily or overall loss limits.

In the second evaluation phase, traders must hit a 4% profit goal while sticking within their 4% daily loss or 10% maximum loss rules. When it comes to time limits, keep in mind that during phase two, you have no time limit with no minimum trading days. To move on to funded status, all you have to do is make the 4% profit objective without going over the daily or overall loss limits.

After passing both review stages, you will be given a funded account. You only have to follow the rules about the 4% daily loss and 10% maximum loss.Your first refund will be made 14 calendar days after you place your first trade on the funded account. You can also request subsequent  payouts every two weeks. The amount of your profits that you generate on your funded account you will obtain 85% of it.

Rapid Guardian Funding Program

With Blue Guardian’s Rapid Guardian plan, traders can manage account sizes ranging from $10,000 to $200,000. This program is dedicated to Finding efficient, disciplined traders who can effectively manage risk over the span of a one-step evaluation.

A unique profit target of 10% is to be attained during the evaluation phase while respecting a daily loss limit of 4% and 6% overall loss limit.This profit performance is to be attained within a unlimited trading period with a minimum of 3 trading days required.

With the funded accounts loss parameters remains same as during evaluation with 6% overall and 5% daily loss limits.All profits generated during this stage are withdrawablewith no minimum targets. First payout comes after 14 calender days from the day of the first opened position.

Rapid Guardian Trading Rules and Objectives

Profit target: traders are to prove their skills by achieving a profit target of 10% on the evaluation accounts.

Maximum daily loss: This is the maximum loss limit a trader is not allowed to lose in a single trading day on an account.

Maximum loss:This is the maximum overall loss limit a trader is not allowed to lose on a trading account both at evaluation and funded.

Minimum trading days: A 3 minimum trading days is to be attai ned during the evaluation to move to funded stage.

Maximum trading days:This is the max number of days a trader is to trade an account.

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