Top Prop Firms

FXIFY Review(15% discount code: TPR)

Fxify is one of the fastest growing proprietary firm.They are pioneers of the first payout on demand option in the  industry, allowing traders to withdraw as soon as they make profits at funded stage.Their main objective is to create funding opportunities for traders worldwide and help them on their way toward financial freedom.

Blue Guardian Review( discount code: POPAA)

Blue Guardian is a proprietry trading firm which  began in 2019 with the main objective of offering funding opportunities to Talented traders.Their trading  program offers both 1 phase and 2 phase evaluation models,Allowing traders the choice to what is best suited for them to prove their talents and boost their trading journey.

Funded Engineer Review(10% discount code: REVIEWS)

Funded Engineer is a fast growing proprierary firm founded by the well known trader, Trader Tristian.His experience as a trader has permitted him to detect traders' weaknesses in the market, which capital and flexible challenge parameters are among

The Funded Trader Review( discount code: popa)

The funded trader is a proprietary trading firm launched by it CEO, Angelo in 2021.Their main objective from the start has always been to be the king in the prop firm industry .To attain their objective they came out with variouse Funding programs  suitable for every type of trader.

Funded Trading Plus Review(10% discount code: POPA

Funded Trading Plus,pioneers of the no time limit challenge feature, is a firm believing that every retail trader deserves the opportunity to be capitalised based on their performance . They are looking for Disciplined and experienced traders who will demonstrate their skills in various market conditions.

Funded Next Review(discount code: popa)

Funded next provides traders with capital upto 300 000$ after they have proven their skills during some evaluation phases.They are the only propfirm offering bonus to traders up to 15% of the profits they generated during the evaluation.

FTMO Review

(No discount code)

Ftmo is one of the oldest and trusted proprietary firms.They came out with the objective of making many traders profitable and able to be full time traders by providing to traders the capital needed to trade towards  financial freedom and security.

E8 funding Review

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E8 funding has  one of the industry's best technology so far.They provide usefull profound analytics data to their traders to help them optimise their edge and perform great in the market .They offer 2 phases and 3 phases model with no minimum trading days.