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Fxify is one of the fastest growing proprietary firm.They are pioneers of the first payout on demand option in the industry, allowing traders to withdraw as soon as they make profits at funded stage.Their main objective is to create funding opportunities for traders worldwide and help them on their way toward financial freedom.


News trading allowed
Account sizes up to 400 000$
First payout on demand(any time)
Excellent trustpilot rating
Scaling account option available
90% profit split option available
Bi-weekly payouts option offered
Capital allocation up to 4million $
Overnight and weekend holding allowed
Unlimited time to pass the challenge
Multiple addon options available
EA allowed
One step and Two step programs available
No mandatory stop-loss rule


HFT not allowed

Fxify is a proprietary firm with the main aim of empowering traders with capital to emancipate their trading potentials

Fxify offers clair terms with no hidden rules and faire profit splits of upto 90% for traeders.Their cutting-edge technology enables efficient execution of trades.They offer a diverse range of tradable assets which ensures ample opportunities to all type of traders.They have a fast payout processing system which contributes to a positive trader experience making Fxify to be an ideal propfirm choice for growth and success in dynamic financial markets.

Fxify funding programs
Fxify offers both 1 step and 2 steps evaluation programs
Fxify 1 step evaluation funding program
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Fxify 1 step evaluation account aims to identify seriouse and talented traders during a unique 1 phase challenge program.
Here traders are required to make a profit target of 10% with a 5 minimum trading days and no maximum trading days within a daily trailing drawdown of 5% and overall drawdown of 6%.

Traders can get up to 90% of all profits they generate using an addon and an initial 75% profit split without an addon.The initial leverae is 1:30 but can go upto 1:50 using an addon.All evaluation accounts fees are refundable with first profit split.

By passing the evaluation phase traders are live funded with no maximum trading days and no profit targets.Refundable fee comes with first profit split.The payout frequency is monthly by default and bi-weekly using addon.
Fxify 2 step evaluation funding program
Fxify 2 step evaluation program requires traders to make a profit target of 10% during the first phase and 5% during the second phase with a 5% daily drawdown and 10% max drawdown parameters.Traders have 5 minimum trading days to complete each evaluation phases with a no maximum evaluation days.

The 2 phase evaluation model with fxify has a default profit split of 75% for traders and can be 90% profit split using an addon during purchase only.2 phase evaluation program fees are also refundable with first profit split.

The default leverage with 2 step account is 1:30 and can be 1:50 using an addon during purchase.
This evaluation phases aims to testing and identifying traders skills and consistency in variouse market conditions.
fxify trading rules and objectives

Profit target: traders are to prove their skills by achieving a profit target of 10% on 1 phase evaluation account and 10% phase 1 and 5% phase 2 for 2 step evaluation account.All funded accounts do not have profit targets.

Maximum daily loss: This is the maximum loss limit a trader is allowed to lose in a single trading day.All evaluation and funded accounts are entitled a maximum daily loss limit. Both the 1 step and 2 step evaluation programs have a maximum daily loss limit of 5%.

Maximum loss:This is the maximum overall loss limit a trader is allowed to lose on a trading account both evaluation and funding accounts.1 step evaluation accounts have 6% maximum loss limit and 2 steps evaluation accounts have a maximum loss limit of 10%.

Minimum trading days: This is the minimum number of days a trader is to trade during the evaluation phases.Both 1 step and 2 step accounts are entitled a 5 minimum trading days.

Maximum trading days:This is the max number of days a trader is to pass the evaluation phases.There are no maximum trading days on evaluation and funding accounts.

Fxify scaling program

The scaling plan (For all account sizes) is as follows:

Trader has to hit 10% in the first 3 months with 2 out of the 3 months being in profit to scale up 25%. Subsequent scale up will be every 3 months and account balance doubles.

Example – 400k account in 3 months would scale up 25% making it $500k total.
Then every 3 months the account size would be doubled:

Months 3 by 25% $500k
Months 6 double $1M
Months 9 double $2M
Months 12 double $4M.

Note: Withdrawal doesn’t affect your ability to scale.

Account opening process with Fxify
Registration form
Register with Fxify by filling the registration form with your personal details and login to your Fxify dashboard

Choose your account type (one phase or two phase account)

Select account size
Select trading platform (MetaTrader4/Meta trader5) and price feed type (Raw spreads/All in)
Select extra features with addon
Register with Fxify by filling out the registration form with your personal details and login to your fxify dashboard
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Click proceed to payment
Select payment method (credit card/paypal/cryptocurreny) and proceed to payment
Fxify is a reputable and trusted propfirm that provides traders with bigger capital which is very crucial for trading.The capital Fxify makes available for traders permits traders to apply risk management which after making small percentage of the account gets decent profit.For example,if a trader is funded with an account of $400,000 with Fxify and makes jsut 3% of the account that will be $12,000,if using an addon trader gets 90% of the profits which is 10,800,while its difficult for retail traders to get a capital of $400,000.